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So grateful for those exposure from BIGs

It is quite an honor to be mentioned or exposed from Reading Terminal, South Street Art, Philly Immigration Network and Philly Magic Gardens due to the artwork I created related to them.

Recently Reading Terminal Market was voted as the “Best Public Market” by USA TODAY. I was so inspired by this news since I had always been craving for painting it but lack of motivation. This was the perfect timing for me to add this theme or “focus point” to my work. I worked overnight right after they announced this news the same day to still stay this latest news. Next day morning I finally finished this piece but was pretty burned out. It was not my best effort to be honest due to the limited time and stress. I DM them via Instagram with the hope that they would love and post it as I desired. After around one hour, I got their replies from their marketing department and GM. They absolutely LOVE it and more importantly, posted it, which results in more than 1000 likes and one commission from my end.

Philly Magic Gardens is one of icons in Philadelphia and has been one of my targets to paint. My end goal is to show my work at the gardens. To be honest, abstract is not my forte and I rarely like almost have never done abstract paintings. Those two pieces I donated to them are really “FIRST”. Although it is in abstract category, I still follow the perspective line to shape up the basic to fill the walls with light and shadow effect. Those two pieces are done by acrylics and oils. 90% of media is acrylics, only 10% is oils. The reason why I use oils is light and shadow effect by using glazing technique which is what oils is good at. In the end, they took my paintings, and now they can be seen in the gardens.

South street is unique that represents the essence of Philly culture. If you visit, you would not forget and will want to visit it again and again. That is South Street. I have never expected South Street will post anything from my ends. To be honest, the one they posted almost got destroyed by me due to lack of personality and uniqueness. When I posted it, I tagged them and never realized after about one or two week, they suddenly posted it on their account, resulting in almost 400 likes and about 30 followers to my account.

I am so grateful to be featured on their accounts. It is quite an honor that my works can been seen now in the gardens and by more audience, which is crucial for emerging artist like me.

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